Barood Media has a diversified number of services for you to choose from:


Publications of all sorts like Newspapers, Magazines, Educational/Consumer Books, Promotional Content(Leaflets, Banners), Online Content, E-books, Directories and Guides.


Whenever a new product hits the fast trending market of UAE, you need an effective promotion division with active promoters to assist and amplify your presence and make sure that the product makes its impression on the consumers and imprint the name of the brand in their day to day life. Our promotion team can provide as per the requirements.


Advertising and PR Agency
Developing the public image of your company or organization and making sure that it is known to your target audience with the power of effective advertising over various media platforms is essential for any company to grow and we are there to guide you with it.


Media Representation
For foreign media organizations or publications that would want to partner with us, to represent them in the UAE,
we can work together to further grow your influence and presence in the consumer market branching out to the grassroots target audience.


Business Conference Management
We can manage and organize your business conference and make sure that all standards are met and that the
environment is cordial and within budget constraints with overall satisfaction.


Sports Events Management
UAE has a lot of sports facilities that can be utilized to host tournaments for different sports, if any assistance in management is required then we are available to consult and be involved. Concerts, Performances and cultural festivals of various ethnicity and languages can be organized and delivered to the requirements with the highest degree of quality to enthrall.


Event Ticketing
Marketing and selling tickets to events on behalf of other organizers, we can provide a partnership to help promote sales at the box counter that could prove really beneficial.


Interior Design
We can provide complete interior design consultancy and contracting solutions to any clients requirement and budget within UAE.